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Valid until 5/5!
Give me things to work on to forget about how cold it is here!
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:heart: Happy Leap Year! :heart:
From now until March 1st you can get 15% off any items in my Animals category in my shop when you use the code ANIMAL15
Items range from Koalas, sloths, cats, animal loaves and more!

My shop link
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Summer is almost over and that is sad so why not have a little monster bud to cuddle away the pain with?
Use the coupon code 15SANDWICHES at checkout to get 15% off of your entire purchase!  Ends 9/1
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Now doing a giveaway through my Instagram page!…
Repost your favorite picture from my Instagram feed with the tag #50sandwiches to be entered to win $50 towards shop items or a custom order.
Sorry, Instagram only. If you don't have one get a friend to enter for you! Ends 8/5, Good luck. :heart:

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Cyber Monday sale going on tonight until midnight EST!  Select items on sale, limited quantities available.
:heart: Shop link below. :heart:

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I recently got myself a smartphone, I'm way behind.  But I also got an Instagram along with it!  Give me a follow if you want to see what I'm working on/creep on my life.  I swear I don't mind. :)

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I was nominated in the Designer Toy Awards!
It would mean so much if you voted for me.  I was nominated in the Breakthrough Artists & Best Plush categories.  Click the individual links to go to the voting pages!  You can vote once every 24 hours if you feel so inclined.


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Valentines Day Giveaway!
You could win a papercut valentine & a little monster!
To enter simply comment on my Facebook post.  You can gain extra entries by retweeting (@loveandsandwich), reblogging, or sharing this on any other social media site.
Love grumps need not enter!  I'll be choosing the winner on the 20th!

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I recorded myself sewing a Fizzgig plush and sped it up 50x.
Check it out! :heart:
More timelapses coming soon. :)  But you can check out my other timelapses for now.  Here's my youtube channel!!

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Doing another giveaway through my Facebook!

You can win a $50 giftcard towards a custom or something in my shop. :)
Just leave a comment on my Giveaway picture on Facebook to enter, or share/reblog/retweet for extra entries!

Giveaway ends on the 28th.  Good luck! :heart:

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To celebrate my birthday, from now until midnight on the 15th, everything in my shop is 14% off when you use the coupon code BDAYSANDWICH at checkout!

& Thank you so much to whomever anonymously gave me a Premium Membership! :heart:

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Win your own custom monstroctopus!
You can enter by either reblogging it on Tumblr, or commenting/sharing the photo on Facebook!
Winner chosen on the 24th, good luck!! <3

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I met up with Sarah of DigBoston awhile ago & did a personal interview.  It's finally up!
Check it out! :love:

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To enter, comment on this picture on my Facebook Fanpage with your favorite fictional character!

Extra entries if you post it on Twitter, Tumblr, or share on Facebook.
Good luck! :heart:

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Want to make one of my embroidery hoops on your own?
Horray you can!

I did a stitchalong for the Feeling Stitchy blog.  You can download the template and make your own monster cupcake!
If you do it, submit it to the gallery so I can see!

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Win this Blooper embroidery hoop!

To enter you need to comment on it's picture on my Facebook artist page.  I'm going to randomly choose a winner this Saturday! (3/24)
Good luck! :heart:

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Last week I made a timelapse of me making one of my Star Wars embroidery hoops, and I realized I never posted the link up on DA!

Check it out here!
2 1/2 hours of work condensed into 2 1/2 minutes.

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Doing a giveaway for a custom newborn monstroctopus!
To enter, leave a comment on the giveaway photo on my Facebook fanpage with your favorite color(s), and I'll choose a random comment on Friday! <3

You can also gain an extra entry by posting about it on Twitter, Tumblr, sharing it on your Facebook page, your blog, or some other social site.

Good luck!!! <3 <3

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I've decided to discontinue making my earrings, but also to do a final run of my favorite designs.

I put up 8 final pairs on my shop for grabs, but once those are gone, they're gone forever!

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